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JWAJ Properties help me liquidate a house, in Vinita Park, that I no longer wanted during a very trying time in my life.  The house had been in a fire and the insurance company was dragging their feet for over a year to settle and get the house habitable.  In the interim I purchased another house for my family and moved on with life and just walked away from this property.   Jason help my through the short sale process after the insurance company finally settled and rehabbed the house.  Jason was very professional and explained every step along the way in detail.  I highly recommend his services.  Not to mention, the sale did not cost me anything.

Delrin B.

I had two homes that were sitting vacant for over a year, one in St. John that was in very bad condition.  After a few failed attempts to sell the house as-is with another broker, I received a flyer from JWAJ Properties that stated he would buy the property as-is.  I called and spoke to Jason who let me know his max budget for the property before we went any further. I was skeptical because I had one buyer walk away because the bank refused to accept his offer at a higher price than what Jason was offering.  Needless to say he convinced me to give him a chance, plus I had nothing to lose anyway since I had decided to just walk away and let it foreclose.  He was able to get the bank to accept his lower offer and get the deal closed.


After I witnessed his performance I let Jason know that my fiancé had condo in Ellisville that had also been vacant because the tenant just upped and left without notice.  Jason listed the property and had it under contract within 3 days.   I was very happy with his performance and would recommend his service to anyone that needs to sell property fast.

Robert G.

I had a house in St. Louis City that I was stuck with after going through a divorce.   The payments and expenses were more than I could handle on my own so I fell behind on the payments and filed bankruptcy.  During the ordeal, I left the property and moved on.  While the property was vacant, the power was shutoff, the basement flooded because the sump pump was inoperable.  The basement thus became filled with mold.   Jason was able to work with the bankruptcy trustee, the first and second lien holders to purchase the property as-is.  Although the process took some time to complete, Jason came through and did exactly what he said.  Very Pleased!

Fred B.

The house next door to mine had been sitting vacant for almost two years.  I saw a flyer that stated, “We buy houses as-is and we pay up to $500 for your referrals.”  So, I went on the website and submitted all the information I had on the house next door.  Several months later I recieved a check in the mail for $350 from JWAJ Properties, LLC.  Come to find out they had purchased the property and planned on renovating it.   I was excited for two reasons.  The house next door would no longer be an eye sore and I received as check in the mail.  What a pleasant surprise.

Thanks JWAJ Properties!

Patricia T.